3nder app is the latest adult dating application following the success of other apps like Tinder and Grindr. What makes it unique is it’s target users are couples and singles looking for a threesome in simple fast way.

3nder the mobile threesome hookup app:

3nder (pronounced Threen-der) like Tinder, a dating application based on Facebook profile photos and geo localization. The difference is that if Tinder’s aims for romantic encounters, 3nder is for people in search for a threesome! You can register as a couple, or as a single person. Adding the photos to your profile from facebook you want to show and then the app will show you other people near you in defined radius. You can swipe through profiles and either “Like” and “Dislike” photos to cause a “Match”.

3nder application for trios

What is 3nder?

3nder – Trios made easy is an application meeting based on the same principle as Tinder, with a slight difference: she specializes in finding partners willing to experience love in the plural. 3nder – Trios made easy requires a Facebook account to work but do not publish on your wall and even allows you to use the application anonymously. When you find one or more people you match, you’ll be able to have a private conversation to get to know if you want to push the experience further. Please note, private conversation can only last up to three days to push people who matched to meet in real life.

As to the concept, it is rather revolutionary 3nder encourages meetings between a couple and a single, and vice versa.

According to the designers of 3nder, this application would be the easiest way to satisfy certain human needs by offering quality time with others and thus to enjoy a maximum.

The user can always hide behind the mode “incognito” set up on the application, a necessary option to not disclose to friends and family its particular customs.


How 3nder (Threender) works:

3nder is mostly based on Tinder dating app, the concept is simple and uses the swipe technique to browse through profiles and hit the Like button on the profiles that you find interesting.

The service is offered for couples looking for another person to have a threesome, but also for singles looking for other singles. The application also has an anonymous mode to hide your personal info from people that might recognize you.

3nder is defined as follows:

A service that works for singles and couples. This is the best way to satisfy your human needs and spend quality time with others.

Getting started is simple, just create a profile, add photos and your interests (specifying what you want) and you will be offered profiles that may be compatible with you. From that point, you either Like or not a profile and hope that in return they also like your profile back in order to achieve a “match” (compatibility). Thereafter, you will be connected with compatible people, it will be your turn to chat and arrange for a meeting and thus result in a threesome.

The new application is very original way for people to meet online. Threender dating is based on the technology of Facebook Connect to avoid fictitious persons and fake profiles. And for a minimum loss of time, the conversation is blocked after 3 days. You only have 3 days to arrange for a date. This free app also offers a paid annonymous mode “incognito” to not be recognized by family and friends.

3nder dating app

3nder review:

It allows you to meet people with three or, if you are already a couple, to find a third partner … Yes! You read 3nder is the new site for the meeting in three … This is apparently “the best solution to satisfy our human needs and have a good time with other people,” and it works Grindr or Tinder, the users couples or solo can upload a profile photo, their interests, and indicate what they want.

The Matching App will put them in touch with members who share the same desires …

Given the good results that have been obtained after teasing test operations, it may well be that this project a reality very soon!

This application, filled with curiosity is opened. The connection is made by Facebook, it’s a good way to be sure that it is secure. The first information to be filled after the connection is “couple” or “single.” Subsequently, information on sex, age and sexuality.

The minimum age for this app is 18 years. No minors wanting just a joke by making them curious. The maximum is up to 70 years. One can find everything on the platform. We give our name or a nickname, for information on some additional information, our desires and interests. What research we are asked. You can choose “couples”, “singles” or “ALL”. Is indicated thereafter the age of our research.

It only remains to add photos and go! After enabling location data, profiles are displayed on the screen. Just drag them up if you like, and down if you do not like. If you like a profile and we like in return, there is a “match” and the conversation can begin.

Different options are available to us. The “look-around” that displays profile proposals, the “Instant Meets” used to meet as soon others for the threesome. Simply post an ad and wait for a response.

This application is very easy to use and quite playful. Now it just remains to think carefully and to ask if we arrive at the appropriate time to go through.

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